welcome to armenia

Welcome to Armenia! Armenia, a piece land which makes everyone fall in love with it from the very first sight from the illuminator of an airplane, from the very first step on the sun-drenched land. You can find many fascinating historical and cultural sights in Armenia.

Armenia is one of the safest countries of Southeastern Europe. Armenia is situated in the South Caucasus; country borders Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Its territory is 29,743 km2 and it is located 1000-2000 meters above sea level. To learn more about Armenia you can join us. We organize tours in Armenia.

Yerevan is the capital and the largest city of Armenia, a colorful, joyful, eventful city. Yerevan (sometimes spelled Erevan, Erivan, Jerewan, Jerevan, etc.) has a long-long history of thousands of years, dating back to the rise of the oldest civilizations in the world. 

  • population

    The population of Armenia is about 3 million: 98 percent are native Armenians; other 2 percent are national minorities: yazidis, kurds and jews.

  • religion

    The state religion is Christianity. Most part of the population confesses Armenian Apostolic Church. The Constitution ensures the freedom of religion. There are no restrictions about clothes or any special ways of wearing.

  • currency

    The state currency unit is Armenian Dram. You can find currency exchange points in the airports, banks, special small exchange stalls as well as in some hotels.
    Payment by card is available nearly in all restaurants and supermarkets in Yerevan. While traveling across Armenia it is recommended to have cash.

    There are two international airports in Armenia: Zvartnots airport in Yerevan and Shirak airport in Gyumri. The visitors can use a bus to travel from and to Zvartnots airport.

  • language

    The state language is Armenian, but most of the population speaks English and Russian, too. That is why tourist can feel safe and ask a passer in case of a question.

    The city is full with cafes and restaurants with the excellent level of service. You can easily find cafes with national food as well as places of fast food in the center.

  • transport

    The following types of transportation are available within the country:
    Subway: it has only one line and six stations. One ticket costs 100 dram.
    Bus/Minibus: one ticket within the city costs 100 dram. While traveling between two or more cities
    the price depends on the distance.

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